Air Travel

Traveling by Air? Are you going to see a distant loved one in a faraway state or country? Most likely, you’ll join the millions of others who will experience the joy of air travel. Today, however, there is nothing enjoyable about traveling by commercial airline. Let’s examine the entire miserable experience from packing, getting there, … Read more

Everything is fine – until it’s not

  I wrote this letter some time ago but thought you might find it interesting.   Dear Captain Philip Corder, Southwest Airlines Flight 2911 on November 15, 2023, was a remarkable experience. I wanted to share with you my perspective on what could have been a dire situation. Shortly after takeoff, a male passenger located … Read more


Today, the military-civilian divide is greater than at any other time in American history. The percentage of Americans who have served in the military is lower today than ever since the end of World War II. While fewer people in uniform seem like it means fewer wars, it is, in reality, a symptom of a … Read more