Memorial Day

An excerpt  from my upcoming book – A Walk Among HeroesAn excerpt  from my upcoming book – A Walk Among Heroes Who started Memorial Day? Is there a simple explanation? Was it the South to commemorate its Confederate War dead? Was it the wives and daughters of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)? Some … Read more

The Price of Beauty and Other Ridiculous Stuff

Before you comment– this was a display at our local Target. Talk about the third rail of human relationships! Let’s spend a few moments on women’s beauty care and their corresponding products. To get an idea of my perspective, allow me to start with my view of beauty care products for men. The personal hygiene … Read more


As you travel the train northward from Los Angeles, scores of forgotten Americans huddle together, lining the tracks. Their tents and makeshift shelters, complete with shopping carts and discarded tarps, give little relief from the wind, sun, heat, and, more recently, record rains. The tempered Amtrak windows provide just enough separation, allowing passengers to stare … Read more

You can look but don’t touch

Beautiful scenery, a relaxing ride. How about attendants and employees who are civil? A ride on the train is a wonderful experience not to be missed. Train travel is a great way to explore America. Bring a book, enjoy a snack, and don’t forget your rose-colored glasses. The glasses will help you ignore the sadness … Read more