Homeless . . .

From Lillian: We’ve moved many times in our lives but never has it been so bittersweet. Moving from Rock Hall is different in so many ways. Usually people move from one location to another. But we have no point B!  Since our first move, with everything we owned crammed into my Chevy Vega, we moved from Los Angeles to Blytheville Arkansas. Moving from Rock Hall has been the most difficult change of station of them all.  Fifteen years of memories.  Fifteen years of beautiful sunsets.  Fifteen years of making and losing lifelong friends.  

Selling our house happened fast.  Wonderful new owners signed a contract on April 8 and wanted to be in by Memorial Day.  Well if you’re going to do something, do it.  There was a blizzard of things to do.  Did I forget to mention that I was scheduled to fly to Seattle to visit the Grandson’s from May 1 -14?  Oh well, after several moves in the Military I’ve learned a thing or two.  As I rushed to sort out stuff for the Airstream, give away or store, Gary helped by making absolutely no decisions.  Well, he might have tried once, but failure taught him a valuable lesson.  When moving he lives by a few simple rules.  First, he makes no decisions, second, he only remembers two things that he’s been asked to do, and third, if I’m not ready with two more items, he sits down.

As we have always known and are now reminded again, a friend in need is a friend indeed.  We have never been closer to our friends here.  Everyone reached out to offer and provide any help we needed.  Not because they were glad to see us go 😉but because they were truly our friends.  We will miss them one and all.  As a last hurrah, we planned a get together at the Airstream all decked out with pink flamingos on our driveway.  Alas, this was not to be.  The trailer party was preempted by a tornado warning and a sudden and ominous storm, we partied on and had a grand farewell to friends old and new.  The Big Big Bash was a wonderful sendoff for us and a fantastic chance for new neighbors to meet old neighbors.

So now, we go “all in” and step off the deep end.  Our first focus is on our epic trip to Alaska, getting a new address, and cruising off into the beyond.  We leave in our place a wonderful family who will make wonderful memories and be an asset to the neighborhood.

We will miss you
A great place to explore
Do you like my hat
Great sails
Jennifer and Jason
Steamship Gratitude
Not always springtime and roses
Crabbin in the backyard with Donovan
Letting the little ones go
Our oysters are here!
The Osprey have season tickets

A wonderful homeport
Beautiful sunsets
Our neighbors know how to party
A near miss
Simon and Sam sailed everywhere
Losing friends is much harder
than leaving friends
Kathy Meeks 1940 -2018
A dirty business
Something to look forward to every day
Jason and niece Tera cruise Lawton

Sister suffragettes
From here to there, funny things are everywhere
So many good things to do
The Lawton Ave Street Gang
The Eagle has landed

At 80, my Mother tries something new
Donovan and Jennifer wish for fish
Jennifer and Donovan surprise their Mother for Thanksgiving


  1. Well, we Rock Hallers will miss you more than you can know! We wish you safe travels and great adventures. We will enjoy your blog and travel with you vicariously. Don’t forget us….. We won’t forget you!


  2. I am crying tears, both sadness but happiness too. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Safe travels.


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