One Blog Post – Two National Parks!

Glamping in La Crosse Wisconsin

(G) We are closing in on Sioux Falls, South Dakota along Interstate 90.  Currently, we are in La Crosse, Wisconsin. What a great place to take showers and do laundry.  The campground is on Lake Neshonoc and it is an oasis of free-range kids and super friendly parents relaxing and driving golf carts.  Along the way here, we spent a few days in Ohio sampling the hiking and bike paths of Cuyahoga Valley and a few more days east of Chicago touring the shore of Lake Michigan.  We plan to spend a week or two in South Dakota becoming “legal” residents.  New drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration, voter registrations and whatever else we need.  We already have an address.  I’m not going to share it with you because we don’t plan on actually using it for mail. Our snail mail all goes to my sister’s address in Gilbert, Arizona.  That’s where she scans all our bills and decides which ones we should actually pay.

A Beautiful Valley indeed
All decked out for the Memorial Day Parade

Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Located south of Cleveland and north of Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the only National Park in Ohio.  We visited the park on a beautiful late spring day, which was also Memorial Day.  Half the State had the same idea and was with us on the trails and at the visitor’s center.  The park parallels the Ohio and Erie Canal.  The rolling hills surrounding the valley are dotted with beautiful country homes and over a hundred miles of bike paths and hiking trails.  Cuyahoga Valley was designated a National Recreation Area in 1974 and re-designated a National Park by Act of Congress in 2000.  Unfortunate for us, the Amish country store was not yet open for the season.  So much for the cinnamon rolls the size of a truck tire.

Indiana Dunes National Park. Designated a National Park in February 2019, Indiana Dunes is the 61st and newest National Park.  Situated on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, it was previously a National Lakeshore.  The area is known for the sand dunes created by the retreating glaciers which happened a long time ago, most likely during the Obama administration.  Being only 50 miles from Chicago, the area is highly industrial.  Coal plants and nuclear power plants dot the landscape.  The title bump from National Lakeshore to National Park will bring a much-needed increase in tourism. Personally, if they were to move it all to a location which doesn’t suffer from Chicago winters that would help even more. Indiana Dunes also has a few BOGS! What pray tell is a Bog you ask? According to that juried periodical Wikipedia, a bog is a wetland with stagnant water and decaying plant material or peat too soft to support you without sucking you in.  For reasons beyond my understanding, Lillian wanted to see a bog for herself.

It helps if you point at the lighthouse
The new Park sign is on its way
Houses from the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Innovative designs and building material. “A century of Progress”
Opening day at the Goblin and Grocer
A dramatic rendition
A dryer hike among the dunes

Lillian told me to move him off the road. He peed on me in gratitude.
I would have done much better in that semester of Botany if the plants came with little signs
One of the Houses even had an airplane hanger on the ground floor!
The Owners Steve and Donna
Hiking in a Bog with new shoes and a little white dog. What could go wrong?


  1. Like daughter, like Mother…reminds me of the photo of me and my muddy shoes at our home in Omaha when it was first being built.


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