Heading East then West Again

Double Rainbow in Tuscan Arizona
A double rainbow is a reflection. Notice the color inversion

It’s been several months since our last posting.  Sorry for that.  I’ll try to catch you up.  We spent four weeks of the summer in Seattle with Jennifer, Donovan, and the boys.  We took a slight detour into the high desert of central Oregon to visit Grandma Branka’s property.  We had a surprise extended stay in Buellton California, outside of Solvang, to make repairs on the Airstream.  Apparently, the new brakes we got in Seattle were put on backwards.  This resulted in the brakes locking and burning up, potentially a disaster.  Loosing brakes on a 10,000lb trailer could have been a real problem.

In October we arrived for an extended and planned stay in Southern California visiting family and friends before we started our trip east.  We intended to head back to Virginia and Rock Hall to spend time with our son and his soon-to-be-bride and visit with friends, but life happens.  First Lillian’s 93-year-old mother had an infection and wouldn’t go to the hospital.  She’s been known to be a bit stubborn at times.  We stopped our trip east in Tuscan so Lillian could fly back and get her mother the attention she needed.  

The Washington State Fair
Jennifer, Donovan, Xander and Sebastian
Xander Reads to Sebastian
Xander found an Apple tree
I see you
Aunt Aubrey
Brother Lowell, sister Aly and Mom and Dad
From here to there – funny things are everywhere
Sebastian is a very scary shark
Xander’s take on the first day of kindegarden
Home from the hospital with Brother Dan

Back in Tucson, we again headed east and got as far as El Paso Texas before the call informing us that my Dad was in the hospital and would be there until they could get his sodium levels back into “normal” range.  So, we reversed our course and headed back.  Fortunately, my Dad received excellent medical care.  They ran every test known to man, got a consult from Dr. House and then a miracle occurred.  They gave him a salt pill.  Who would have known that you can fix a low sodium problem with – wait for it – SALT. 

We’ve now been in Southern California since November 12.  This is by far the longest stretch where we’ve been stationary in our Airstream.  There has been plenty of fun to keep us busy.  After my Dad’s hospital stay, my Mother decided to file claims against their Long-Term-Care insurance policies.  The chores of everyday living were getting a little overwhelming and the insurance would offset the cost of having care givers come in and help out.  I think many of us can relate to this.  For Lillian and me it is humbling to learn just how much your spouse does that’s mostly taken for granted.  My parents, like most couples, each had their own share of household chores.  But when either one is incapable of doing their part, the other was hard pressed to cover everything.  Last winter when Lillian broke her foot, I had to do EVERYTHING!  It’s been a year and I’m still recovering.

Lillian’s sister Carmen and Daughter Christie
Mom’s and Dad
Branka’s 93rd Birthday
with Daughters Lillian and Carmen

Instant symphathy device
Aunt Lydia
The best cake in the world.
Moca Torte. Seven layers and a dozen eggs
Jason and his bride to be – Mary

Being stationary has allowed us to do things long overdue.  We found new doctors, specialists, groomers, a dentist and a Vet, which is not easy.  Most importantly, I finally got the shoulder surgery I badly needed.  Turns out I had a 90% tear in my rotator cuff and a host of other maladies making my left arm almost completely useless.  I’m now on week one of recovery and getting used to the sling I’m supposed to wear for six more weeks – Oh fun.  Let the healing begin.

Our biggest news! Our new book Bound for Glory is coming out on Amazon soon.  Taking a break from driving has allowed Lillian time to edit my random thoughts into another coherent masterpiece.  Bound for Glory tells the fascinating tale of our quest to see all the National Parks in the contiguous United States.  The pictures alone are what some are calling – a work of art.  Many of you bought our first book The Journals of the Sailing Vessel Toucan.  After all, the total of $16 bucks I got in royalties ensures a spot on the New York Time’s best seller list.  Sailing down the Intercoastal waterway and on to the Bahamas was the envy of Joshua Slocum as well as Admiral Perry.  Better hurry and buy the book, supplies are limited.  Better yet buy both of them.  We are now in the process of folding our Alaska blogs into our third book.  Oh, the places we’ve been.

Jason and Mary’s first Thanksgiving in their new house
It’s Official
Delaney and her pie
Dinner for twenty


  1. Great to hear from you and always enjoy reading your escapades. Best of luck with the shoulder recover and take the therapy very seriously!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. We’d like to buy autograph copies of both books. Where’s your next book signing event??? Barnes and Nobles of Dallas?

    It was so good to read your blog again. Sounds like you’ve had a crazy last couple of months.

    Take care of that shoulder.

    Liked by 1 person

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