North to Alaska

North to Alaska.  Our Great Northern Tour” continues our journey to see all the National Parks in the United States.  Alaska is home to eight National Parks, more than any other state except California.  Alaska is vast, rugged, and really far away.  Really far away if you start on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  So, what did you do in 2019?  You know, the year before COVID.  2020 had a way of making everything else seem so distant.  We spent as much time as we could reliving happier times by assembling our “” blogs into this book. This book covers our transition from homeowners to vagabonds.  Gypsies if you want to be negative, or as I prefer, “Digital Nomads.”  North to Alaska, covers over 11,000 miles and eleven U.S. National Parks.  We did not count the number of State Parks, Provincial or Canadian National Parks but rest assured, we saw our share.

Part of our preparations were to both upgrade our phones to the now ancient iPhone 10s.  This is not a plug to go out and spend $1,000 on a new phone.  I bring it up because we used the phone’s camaras exclusively.  So much for the new Nikon I bought the year earlier.  I guess we were a little ahead of our times, we did Zoom before Zoom was cool.  Hopefully the photographs contained in the book will provide a small glimpse of the beauty and grandeur of our most northern State.  The eight National Parks in Alaska are high up on the list of the sixty-two most beautiful natural wonders in our great land.  Hopefully, these pictures and our personal journey can serve as your armchair tour, or better yet, a small bit of inspiration for your own journey.

When we sold our house in May 2019 we thought we’d spend a few years just traveling from coast to coast. But life has a way of getting in the middle of the best laid plans.  After Alaska, and an all but too short stay with our grandsons in Seattle, we detoured to Southern California to help my parents transition to assisted living.  In a way, this book is really a journey through the last chapters of life.  With our working days becoming more war stories than truth, we’ve begun to dream again of what to see and where to go.  But life is not always just for you.  Life is also about sharing and being with family and friends when they need you most.  As I write this, both my mom and Lillian’s mother are comfortable, enjoying family and friends as best they can given COVID.  Sadly, my father passed away on October 26, 2020.  This book is dedicated to him.

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