About Gary B. Zelinski

Gary B. Zelinski married his childhood sweetheart, Lillian, at age eighteen. After he completed US Air Force basic military training, the couple moved from Southern California to Northeast Arkansas. Gary had a long career in the Air Force and as a management consultant. During his working years he was a technical writer and editor, as well as a speechwriter for senior executives.

When retirement came around, he and Lillian bought a sailboat and began a new phase of their journey together. When they sold the boat after ten years, they decided to continue their travels on land in a small camper van. Their goal: to see all the national parks in the continental United States. Eventually, they sold their house and moved full-time into an Airstream RV and traveled up the Alcan Highway to see all eight national parks in Alaska. Gary chronicles their travels on his Bound for Glory blog.

Gary is a feature writer and regular contributor to the Military Writers Society of America, with a dozen articles published. He also serves on the society’s board of directors.

In 2020, Gary’s father passed away due to complications from dementia. That spurred Gary to begin writing his memoir—to let family and friends know a little bit more about himself and his story before it was too late. That book, Aim High: A Love Story, as well A Walk among Heroes, his book about some of the servicemembers buried at Arlington National Cemetery, will be published soon. Sign up to be notified when these books will be released.