Bound for Glory chronicles the adventures of Gary B. Zelinski and his wife, Lillian.

Gary and Lillian started their journey together when they got married at the age of eighteen. Soon after Gary completed US Air Force basic military training, the couple moved from the suburbs of Southern California to Northeast Arkansas, the heart of rural America. Separated from family and childhood friends, they routinely made pilgrimages back along Route 66, the “Mother Road.” From these trips grew a quest to venture forth and experience new places.

For ten years beginning in 2000, their sailboat, Toucan, carried them on adventures, giving them memories that changed their lives. Also during this period, they transitioned from active parents to empty nesters and from the world of work to retirement.

Gary invites you to join him and Lillian on their continuing adventures in a camper van as they travel across the country to see all the national parks. His weekly blog posts—initially meant to highlight the couple’s travels and stay connected to family and friends—now entertain and delight hundreds of faithful followers.

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September 6, 2023