Fuel or fun? Which is it? In my Overeaters Anonymous support group, one of the members, Charlie (not his real name), said, “I am. Therefore, I eat.” You all know the tune. ‘As we age, our metabolism slows down, and unless we change our lifestyle, we gain weight.’ Knowing that and listening to it are … Read more

Complaining Round 2

Random Gripes: Have you ever noticed how in most cultures, you can’t tell a new mother her child is ugly? Most cultures. I love nature. After all, I was a Boy Scout and everything. I love nature, but why does it have to be so dirty? Daylight savings. Enough said. Better to burst into flames … Read more


Winner of the the Park like a Jerk Award I’m a world-class complainer. I’ve been doing it all my life. I’ve honed my skill like a fine piece of art. Blessed with a quick wit and a dark sense of humor, I always know the wrong thing to say. I can find fault in everything … Read more


Can we talk? As your friend, I thought it would be a good thing to bring this to your attention. You have a problem. A problem that’s only going to get worse. Hey dear, another Amazon package arrived while you were at the mall. Your addiction is like every other person I know. It’s terrible … Read more

A Shameless Plug and California Dreamin Part 2

First, the good news. After carefully reviewing our finances, I discovered my book sale royalties were a whopping $1.32. Since most of you are polite, please don’t ask how much I’ve spent on this new hobby. Last year, I made $49.16 in book sales. Even better news! The sale price of each of our travel … Read more

I’m Aging Like a Fine Whine

Let’s face it, I’m old.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it finally happened.  I’m old and I feel it.  I wake up sore from just sleeping.  My bathroom medicine cabinet looks like a scene from “Breaking Bad.”  I bend over to tie my shoes and find my arms have shrunk.  Why bother?  I can’t see my feet anyway.  I haven’t seen them in … Read more

$327 A Night

That’s what it cost us for a room in Salinas, California. Salinas is about 150 miles south of San Francisco and sits along California’s central coast. Salinas is eight miles from the Pacific Ocean and has a temperate climate . Salinas is known as the salad bowl capital of America. So why did the Hampton … Read more

The Purple Alligator

Here are some brilliant entries into the Bulwer-Lytton Literary Contest. Submissions need to be in soon so don’t delay. If you send me your sentence I’ll forward it on and claim credit. Not so Humble submissions from literary geniuses I know.  They are all winners! Winner Shortest Novel Category Sorry, but I’m retired from doing anything … Read more

What to do? What to do?

Propeller tip from March Field Officers Club Circa 1927 Fame, notoriety, and celeb status will do that.  Now being published and all, I fear being mobbed down at the outlet mall.  It happened to J.K. Rowling, it could happen to me. To calm my nerves and pass the time, I decided to try my hand – or … Read more

The Road Not Taken

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was first published in 1915 in the Atlantic Monthly. Arguably his most famous poem. Also, his most misunderstood. Generations of us grew up believing that if we took the road less traveled, went our own way, and carved our own path, it would make all the difference in our … Read more