Praise for A Walk Among Heroes

“From the solemn walks I’ve taken through Arlington National Cemetery, where many of my comrades rest, comes an understanding that heroism is as much in the silent support as it is in the valor seen on battlefields. A Walk Among Heroes captures the essence of Arlington, not just as a resting place for warriors, but as a monument to the enduring spirit of those who stood behind them—the spouses. These unsung heroes, who bore the weight of absence and loss, who raised families and kept hope alive, are given their rightful place in this narrative. This book isn’t just a reflection on the fallen; it’s an homage to the resilience and quiet strength of the families who have been the backbone of our forces. As someone who has felt the heavy blend of love and grief that Arlington evokes, I see in these pages a tribute to the full spectrum of sacrifice and loyalty that defines the military family. A Walk Among Heroes is a powerful reminder that heroism comes in many forms, often unseen, but always felt.”
—Britt Slabinski, Command Master Chief (SEAL), USN (Retired), Medal of Honor recipient

“Gary’s take on this hallowed ground is refreshingly different from any other book or article I have read on the subject. His decision to use black-and-white photos, which he took, adds a stark and almost haunting garnish to the fascinating story he weaves from beginning to end. No matter how much you’ve read on the subject or how many visits you have made, I urge you to read this book; you will see Arlington in a new and interesting light.”
—George D. Bremer, Jr., Colonel, USAF (Retired)

“Gary Zelinski has crafted a thoughtful, well-researched, loving look at a select few of the veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Covering both those who are well known and a few you may never have heard of, A Walk Among Heroes serves as a testament to all of those buried in our national cemeteries. An inspiring read on Memorial Day or any day.”
—Greg Elliott, UCLA instructor and screenwriter

“I’ve known about Arlington National Cemetery my entire adult life but never to the extent as told by Gary Zelinski in his wonderful book A Walk Among Heroes. I loved his stories of some of the notables laid to rest in this hallowed ground. I couldn’t put it down.”
—Nancy Panko, award-winning author of Guiding Missal and Sheltering Angels

A Walk Among Heroes offers a fitting tribute to the greatest boxer of all time, Joe Lewis. ‘The Sweet Science’ chapter also captures the history and beauty of a sport I’ve dedicated my life to helping others learn and become champions. The book is as inspiring as it is educational. Well done!”
—Fausto De La Torre, President, Golden Gloves of California

“Thank you for including the story about Micheal Spann and General Donovan. You honored their memory and gave life to the service I dedicated my life to. As A history buff, some of the people you mentioned are well known to me, but you found a way to shine new light on many familiar heroes.”
—Dan K., retired senior CIA officer

“A moving acknowledgment to the men and women who sacrificed everything for our great country. My wife and I visited Arlington for the first time a few months ago. I wish we’d read your book before we went. What heartfelt tribute.”
—William Rose, retired FBI agent

“This book resonated with me profoundly because I worked at the cemetery as an architect for the National Park Service during the restoration of the north wing of Arlington House. It was impossible to be there without a sense of reverence for that hallowed ground and those honored there. A Walk Among Heroes beautifully expresses that reverence and offers a deeper understanding of why Arlington National Cemetery is a timeless expression of America’s search for our ‘better angels.’”
—S. Elizabeth Sasser, AIA, Principal, Quid Tum Historic Structures Consulting

“I was so absorbed in the writings I could not put the book down until reaching the end. I was fascinated, I was angry, I was excited, I was spellbound! Gary has the knack—his enviable skills in humanizing those stone monuments in Section 60 and Arlington as a whole were magical! He put forth short, fierce human tributes in a manner that makes the reader want the stories on everyone at Arlington. I strongly recommend this book be read by all Americans!”
—Roald J. Moyers, Chief Warrant Officer, USA (Retired); Master, SIGINT Technical Expert, National Security Agency, National Cryptologic University; and Professionalized Signals Collection Officer

“Zelinski’s captivating photos and words transport the reader from battlefield to graveside to family picnics to unforgettably traumatic yet fiercely proud moments of our country’s history. Traveling through time and Arlington Cemetery is an experience that will stay with you long after reading this unforgettable book. Surely Zelinski’s thorough, eloquent, mesmerizing treatment of each hero/heroine’s story earns him the title of ‘better angel.’”
—Dr. Jane Hayes: Professor Emerita, Computer Science Department, University of Kentucky

“The book is sure to trigger some nostalgia for readers, depending on their experiences. I was particularly drawn to the Tomb of the Unknowns. In my earlier years, my social circle included the men of the Old Guard. I always got a kick out of watching them transition seamlessly from a typical twenty-year-old guy to the dignified soldier guarding the tomb or carrying the colors behind the president. Also, the Attack on the Pentagon memorial hit me harder than I would have expected.”
—Julie Tucker, Vice President for Client Relations, The Ryding Company