Big Fish

Montana We never saw the big sky of the Big Sky State.   We never saw blue sky at all, just gray.  A depressing shade of gray.  The gray was continuous from high overhead until it coated the Bitterroot Mountains and soaked the land.  Sometimes in layers of a fog like murk, but mostly like a painting with outlines of … Read more

Are we there yet?

Ellensburg Washington The Railroad put Ellensburg on the map, but water keeps her alive. Driving Interstate 90 east from Seattle you pass many ski resorts, hiking/biking trails, waterways and camping locations. At Snoqualmie Pass, you’ve crossed over the Cascade Mountain Range. Now on the eastern slope you descend into the Kittitas Valley. Hayfields, haystacks, and … Read more


Update as of May 10, 2021.  Canada still won’t let Americans across the border.  This is just fine with me.  Continue reading to find out why.  They say COVID is the reason.  But I suspect a more sinister plot.  In 2019, Lillian and I traveled to this inhospitable land. Here are our notes from that dangerous trip. Canola Oil (L) Lillian’s … Read more

Road Religion

Lillian and I just made a mad dash from Seattle to Camarillo Ca and back.  It was a good week.  We got to give a quick hug to my and Lil’s mom.  We are now back in Seattle for Jennifer’s birthday and springtime in the Northwest.  In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some of … Read more

The Minivan

Disclaimer:  These stories are a product of my memory.  The parts I can’t remember are made up.  The parts I can recall are completely fabricated. It seemed the perfect vehicle.  It seemed to offer a form of luxury not known in our previous fleet of compact cars.  Those previous priceless gems worked for a while, if only to leave mother … Read more

Some stuff just needs fixin

The critics are evenly divided! 2 Thumbs down: “These stories ramble on and on.  I thought they were pointless, now I’m just confused.” “How could one person suffer so much?  My heart goes out to Lillian.” “I wish the vaccine protected me from these stories.” “My husband sleeps on the couch all day.  Looks like I’m lucky after … Read more

Nurture or Lecture

Trying to get away! It’s not like those sticky, gooey, crying, pooping, drooling, cooing, laughing, hugging bundles of joy come with an owner’s manual.  Sure, there are plenty of well-intended self-help parenting guides.  But my immediate question is, why are there no “being a proper child” guides?  Parents got here first.  Why must we conform to the new kid on the … Read more

Bound for Glory Aficionados

This last year has taken its share from everyone.  Lillian and I feel like we’ve lost contact and find ourselves wondering what’s next.  I’m not sure why but I’m going to try and share some memories from my sordid past.  Unfortunately, the stunning photography will be replaced with random stories and fractured prose.  These emails … Read more


Disclaimer:  These stories are a product of my memory.  The parts I can’t remember are made up.  The parts I can recall are completely fabricated. For reasons passing understanding, Lillian required someone to drive Jennifer and Jason to elementary school.  Fact 1:  We lived directly behind the school and the walk was less than a quarter of a mile.  Fact 2:  After … Read more