Bound for Glory Aficionados

This last year has taken its share from everyone.  Lillian and I feel like we’ve lost contact and find ourselves wondering what’s next.  I’m not sure why but I’m going to try and share some memories from my sordid past.  Unfortunately, the stunning photography will be replaced with random stories and fractured prose.  These emails will contain links to our blog and our latest post.

Now, each of you have a critical decision to make:  Choice A) send these beautiful heartfelt stories of my life to your spam folder.  I’ll never know and love you all the same. Or, Choice B) take a few minutes to read and even better, share your whereabouts and doings.  Choice B+) subscribe and avoid these boring emails all together.  You’ll get the same shameless content hot off the press.

For those of you still on the fence:

Best times to read these posts and why it’s important
1 Read these blogs before you go on a trip the cheerios and popcorn in your couch will seem more exciting
2 Read these blogs before exercise each story will lull you into a nap instead
3 Read these blogs while cooking each story will biggie size you meal
4 Read these blogs if you need to go on a diet each story has so few calories it will taste like celery
5 Read these blogs on the job did you really need that raise anyway?
6 Read these blogs while operating heavy machinery vacuum cleaners and toaster ovens don’t count
7 Read these blogs while at the dentist each story will make you drool
8 Read these blogs in the shower take time to appreciate the little things
9 Read these blogs before sex each story will make you think twice
10 Read these blogs in the bathroom each story will take as much time to read as it does to poop

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