Thoughts on the train

Lillian and I traveled from just north of Los Angeles to Seattle on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight. One of their most scenic routes, the trip takes you up from Southern California along the Pacific Ocean, into the Salinas Valley, and up the Central Coast. From there, the train makes a brief stop at Jack London Square … Read more

More Bad Grammar

Grammar, Punctuation, and Etiquette Oh My! In my last post, I acted as if I revered editors. As if I wrote the post to thank them for endeavoring to make my writings more precise, concise, and, dare I say – within the bounds of proper English. That was last time, not this time. This go-around, … Read more

Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and Punctuation, or should I say – {Parsing and Punctuation For the commally challenged,;}]   The following is dedicated to the incredible editors in my life. To correct this, they will have to leave more than a few things wrong. This will drive them nuts. e.e. cummings didn’t capitalize and yet became one of … Read more

Hobo’s Lullaby

Bums neither work nor travel. Vagrants travel but do not work. Hobos travel and sometimes work. While traveling workers have always existed in human societies, The term – hobo – can be traced to the returning veterans of the Civil War. Then, with the war finally over, hundreds of soldiers, with no money to buy … Read more


Everyone’s got talent. It’s embedded in our genes. I’m still waiting for my talent to surface and show itself. Now, in my mid-sixties, I hope it happens soon. Coordination is not my talent. My mind thinks at a different speed than my arms or legs. It’s not that one’s faster or slower, but somehow, the … Read more

Advice: Giving and Getting

You were kind of asking for this one. It’s totally your fault. The world wide web and the blogosphere are full of crackpots giving advice. I’m blogging, and you’re reading. Don’t blame me. Since you asked, here are my thoughts on advice. Both giving it and, Lord forbid, actually taking it. Back in my day. … Read more

Male Grooming and Other Ridiculous Stuff

I’m not talking about the mundane, ordinary, and necessary. I’m talking about the things imposed on us by society and, worse yet, women. Let’s skip brushing your teeth, flossing regularly, and combing your hair. Combing your hair, that is, if you have any. Boys, it’s just us here. Let’s be honest. I’ve talked about some … Read more


Lillian and Aunt Lydia synchronize their watches as they execute the wedding plan You meet someone at age twelve, decide to shack up, and then seventy-five years later, suddenly realize YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP. Am I really going to talk about this? Why not? Previously I’ve stepped on politics, religion, and all sorts of stuff … Read more

The Battle of the Sexes

Author’s Note: For the sake of this blog, all facts are true—even the alternative ones. Let’s face it, guys. We’re losing. We’re outnumbered. Women are taking our jobs and our college admission slots. More women now graduate from med school than men. Now, women are firefighters, serve in combat, and fly fighter jets. The only … Read more

The Medical-Industrial Complex

I like medical professionals. I mean, most of them care, work long hours, and, you know, save us from our own recklessness. Doctors, nurses, and techs, the lot of them are just fine. All except for the two registered nurses I saw the other day. They were registered nightmares. Both ladies were in their mid-fifties, … Read more